What I don’t miss about the ‘old days’

When we begin to wax nostalgic, thinking about all of the things we miss from the old days–either a generation passed, or just a few years ago–I like to remind my self of what I do not miss.

(Watch for the companion blog–“What I Miss About Times Gone By”)

• Carbon paper; and typewriters for that matter

• Smoke-filled rooms, restaurants and theaters

• Pay phones

• Parking on the side of the road and changing a tire (even though it happened only every couple of years or so)

• Arranging toilet paper…

…on the seat before sitting in a public washroom

• That bloated feeling directly following a delicious dinner of beef brisket and fully-dressed potato

• Painful dental work, not made any easier with the application of laughing gas

• Coffee so weak I could see the bottom of the cup, even when full

• Weather forecasts, wrong more often wrong than right (now they get it about 50% of the time)

• Using a drinking fountain

• Absence of women in positions of authority and power in business and government

• Racking my brain to remember a fact, such as the name of the actress who was in the movie we saw last week, without a quick way to access the information (but see this item’s appearance in the report about what I do miss)

• Lack of the clean-up ethic, and the absence of public pressure to encourage responsibility, on the part of people walking their dogs

• A white president

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