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About what we (you and I) are doing here (on this site):

Say you were born in the Forties or Fifties (maybe even the Sixties) and you got used to things the way they were:  your music, your heroes, your habits of shopping, of learning, of getting entertained, of being with your friends.

It’s 2016 and things are different now.  A lot different.


Does wandering through today’s reality–still under the spell of  ideas and sensibilities that were formed when  Lyndon Johnson was president–kind of feel like you’ve awakened in an Arctic Winter, barefoot, wearing shorts and a t-shirt?

Would you like the music, the manners, the media to stop evolving long enough for you to catch up? How long might that take, anyway?

Is there a way to cope, to adjust, to adapt, to go about your business–and your pleasure–in the world just the way it is, so that every time you venture out the door or switch on the TV you can feel as if you still belong here?

And it’s not just about the technology, although the tools we create come to master us as much as we master them.

How do we  fit in here?

That’s what we (you and I) are trying to figure out. And we’re using this blog–a tool of the modern age–to reach, or at least peer, across the generations gap for answers. Or some insight.

Please check out some of the thoughts I share in this forum, then contribute your insights and opinions.

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